Orlu Regional Atlanta

Meet Our Founding Fathers

Founding Principles: Respect, accountability, empowerment and inclusion must prevail at all times

Orlu Social/Cultural Events

Orlu Regional Union uses cultural and social activism as a means for community integration and diversity.


Humanitarian Services

Orlu Regional Union presenting a humanitarian award to Mrs. Ceri McCarron who on July 10th 2009 at the Piedmont Hospital donated one of her kidney to the wife of one of Orlu Regional Union member. Sir Justin Egwenike.


Our History

Orlu Regional Union envisions a world that is more just and equitable to all inhabitants of this planet called humanity. Our simple creed is that we are all special creations both individually and collectively and must be treated as such; irrespective of ones societal circumstances. Our resources are geared towards catering to the needy especially the homeless. Using a plate of food to make a difference,  one individual at a time!